Replacing The
Backstay Adjuster



When I purchased Early Light she was equipped with a Navtec hydraulic backstay adjuster. After a couple of years the seals began to leak so I took the unit to a hydraulic service shop and they replaced the seals. At that time they told me that they could not guarantee the repair as the cylinder was scored. A year or so after the repair the unit began to leak again. A call to Navtec revealed that they no longer made that unit and the replacement unit had a greater overall length and would require shortening the backstay. My rigger suggested I consider a unit made by Sailtec. With a phone call to Sailtec I found a replacement unit with the same warranty as the Navtec unit for $210 less. I ordered the unit and it was on my doorstep the next day.

With nothing more than a pair of pliers and some rigging tape the project was completed in half an hour.

Total Cost: $702.19(including shipping)

New backstay
adjuster installed

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