Replacement of Cowl Vents
with Stainless Steel Units

The original cowl vents on the two dorade boxes that were supplied by Sabre Yachts were made of PVC and came from Martec. After approximately 20 years of exposure to UV and all the other nasties in our atmosphere they had become quite ugly not to mention very sticky and discolored. After a couple of online searches I found some very nice stainless steel replacements from They came with deck plates and deckplate key. I placed an order for two of them and they arrived in just a few days.

Old style Martec
PVC cowl vent

New Stainless
Steel cowl vent

Installation was as follows:

I first removed the screws from the old deck plate rings and then pried them off the top of the dorades using a putty knife.

After cleaning up the surface of the dorades I filled the original screw holes with thickened epoxy.

Once the epoxy had cured I drilled the holes for the new screws and bedded the trim rings.

Materials required:

2 each 3 inch Stainless Steel Cowl Vents $99.00 each from

West Epoxy to fill old screw holes $0.00 (On hand)

Polysulfide caulk to bed new deck plate rings $0.00 (On hand)

12 each oval phillips head stainless steel #6 x 1/2 in. self tapping screws $0.72 from Ace Hardware

Total cost: $198.72

Total time required: 1.5 man hours

Tools required:

3/8" variable speed reversible drill

Drill bit assortment

Putty knife

#2 Phillips screwdriver

New SS cowl vents installed

This upgrade really dressed up the looks of Early Light.


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