Early Light finally
gets some curtains


When I purchased Early Light, she came with the most hideous looking curtains you can imagine. They had various contemporary styled fish printed on them in an array of ugly pastel colors. Needless to say they came off even before Early Light was launched.

This left me with no privacy when rafted up, but I had many other projects of higher priority than curtains. Well, I must admit, sewing is not my forte', so that contributed to the procrastination.

I could no longer delay the inevitable, so I went to the fabric shop with a sample of the upholstery fabric from the main salon in search of something that would fit in with the general color scheme. I found the end of a bolt of a navy blue and beige plaid (about 8 yards) that was on sale and purchased it all even though I only needed about 6 yards. (The leftover fabric has been sent to my sister to use in the custom light weight quilts she is making for Early Light.)


Material Required:

6 yds. fabric, but I bought 8 yds. ($16.00)

14 yds. of 3/4 in. nylon tape ($9.66)

4 rolls of 1/2 in. x 10 yds. double faced seam stick tape ($5.56)

1 pkg. sewing machine needles ($3.95)

158 ea. nylon curtain slides to fit existing curtain track ($14.22)

Total cost: $49.39

Tools Required:

Household sewing machine


Iron and ironing board

I did not line the curtains as I wanted light to be able to come through the curtains so the cabin would not be too dark. Below are a couple of photos of the finished curtains. Overall, I am fairly happy with the results, but "Sally Seamstress" I am not.


Looking forward on
port side of main salon


Looking aft on
port side of main salon

This project took longer than anticipated to complete, but at least it gave me something to do during the nasty freezing rain, sleet and snow in January. Total time to complete: 25 hours


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