Early Light comes to the Chesapeake



The trip south started off right on schedule. We departed Yarmouth, ME Monday morning, May 21, 2001 as planned. I had two other crew members (David and Jim) on board to start the trip. After a couple of hours of motorsailing, it was noticed that the engine temperature gauge was starting to climb, so I immediately shut down the engine. The problem appeared to be in the raw water cooling circuit so we put in at Kennebunkport and picked up a mooring so we could troubleshoot the problem. After a couple of hours it was determined that the raw water pump seal was leaking which allowed air to be sucked into the system. Not wanting to get involved with pressing new bearings into the pump body and replacing seals, I opted to replace the pump and save the rebuild for a later time.

The next day I rented a car and we drove to Portland, ME to purchase a new pump from the Westerbeke distributor. That afternoon, we installed the new pump and ran the engine under load (tugging on the mooring line in reverse) to confirm that we indeed had the problem solved. By this time it was late afternoon, so we decided to remain on the mooring overnight and get an early start the next morning.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful and we were fortunate enough to have northeast winds most days allowing for lots of offwind sailing. We experienced no delays due to weather, which was quite amazing for this time of year. Jim had to leave us in Gloucester, MA so we were down to a crew of two (David and I) until the next crew change at Old Greenwich, CT. Upon arrival in Old Greenwich David had to depart and return to Maine. At this point I was joined by my son Sean for the remainder of the trip. He had taken the train from VA to meet me.

The following is a very brief log showing ports of call as well as distance and time run as computed by the GPS receiver.

Clicking on the ports of call will bring up a chart of that harbor

Date From To NM Hrs/Min
5/21 Yarmouth,ME Kennebunkport,ME(mooring) 33.1nm 07h00m
5/23 Kennebunkport,ME Gloucester,MA(Brown'sYachtYard) 54.0nm 09h20m
5/24 Gloucester,MA Sandwich,MA(Sandwich Marina) 56.2nm 08h55m
5/25 Sandwich,MA S.Dartmouth,MA(mooringNewBedfordYC) 25.0nm 03h45m
5/26 S.Dartmouth,MA OldSaybrook,CT(SaybrookPtInnandMarina) 74.8nm 12h56m
5/27 OldSaybrook,CT OldGreenwich,CT(mooringIndianHarborYC) 62.4nm 09h40m
5/28 OldGreenwich,CT ConeyIsland,NY 42.6nm 07h30m
5/29 ConeyIsland,NY AltanticCity,NJ(TrumpMarina) 93.8nm 13h30m
5/30 AltanticCity,NJ CapeMay,NJ(Utsch'sMarina) 45.2nm 06h05m
5/31 CapeMay,NJ CohanseyRiver,NJ(FlanniganBoatyard) 32.6nm 07h35m
6/01 CohanseyRiver,NJ WortonCreek,MD(Worton Creek Marina) 62.4nm 09h40m
6/02 WortonCreek,MD RhodeRiver,MD(anchored) 38.1nm 05h30m
6/03 RhodeRiver,MD Solomon'sMD(HomePortAtCalvertMarina) 38.0nm 06h10m
    Totals 658.2nm 107h46m


Average speed for entire trip = 6.108 Kts


Click HERE to view a few pics taken on the trip.


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