Fabrication of an On Deck
Dinghy Storage Bag


I have been wanting to find a better storage solution for my inflatable roll up dinghy. The sail locker already has too much gear in it and I do not like to tow it unless I am only going a short distance.

After some thought and kicking around several ideas over a few beers with my dock mates, I decided that I could stow it on deck between the mast and the foredeck hatch if I had something to protect it from the UV.

One of my dock mates significant other said she could stitch up a dinghy storage bag in no time if I purchased the materials.

It is basically shaped like a box that is 4 ft x 1 foot x 18 inches and has a heavy duty nylon zipper across the 4 ft dimension. The zipper has a flap about 2 inches wide over itThis allows the dinghy to be rolled up on deck and then just slipped into the zippered opening.

I secure the dinghy bag with two nylon straps that cross over the top of the bag and are tensioned with stainless steel ratcheting buckles as can be seen in the below photo.


Dinghy conveniently stowed in the new bag

Material Required:

2.5 yards of Pacific Blue Sunbrella ($44.97 from local canvas shop)

48 inch Heavy duty YKK nylon zipper ($7.49 from Sailrite)

4 yards 1 inch blue nylon webbing ($6.00 from local canvas shop)

2 each 1 inch stainless steel ratcheting buckles ($25.90 from Bos'n Supply)

Heavy duty blue dacron thread ($0.00 On hand)

Total cost: $84.36

Tools Required:

Household sewing machine

Hot knife (to cut sunbrella)


This project took my friend approximately 1 hour to complete.

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