Fabrication of a
teak drink holder

The original drink holder supplied by Sabre Yachts was no longer on Early Light at the time I purchased her. I called the folks at Sabre and they told me that they could supply an original teak drink holder (ready to finish) for the tidy sum of $96.00. This struck me as a bit steep, so I decided to fabricate one myself.

Material required:

1 piece of 3/4 in. teak 8 in. wide x 24 in. long ($10.75)

1 piece of 1/8 in. brass rod 36 in. long ($1.55)

4 each # 8 x 3/4 pan head stainless steel self tap screws ($ .64)

4 each # 8 stainless steel flat washers ($ .20)


Tools required:

Jig saw

3/8 in. Electric drill

Assorted drill bits

Hole saw (size to fit cans or bottles)w



Screwdriver assortment

Set of box wrenches

1/4 in. wood chisel

1. To get the basic shape and dimensions, I traced out a pattern from a fellow Sabre owner's drink holder.

2. This pattern was then transferred onto the piece of teak.

3. A pattern was made of the cut out in the center to allow for engine controls and cables

4. The teak was the cut to shape using a sabre saw.

5. The holes for the drinks were cut using a hole saw in my drill.

6. The brass rod was bent to form the bails on the underside of the drink holder.

7. Using a small chisel, I made 4 cuts to hold the ends of the brass bails.

8. The bails were set in place and screws and flat washers were used to hold them and still allow for removal to refinish at a later date.

This entire project took about one hour plus the time to apply the final finish.

Cost from Sabre $96.00

My cost $13.14

Total savings $72.86

Drink holder viewed from
underside with brass bails
in place but not screwed
down yet

Drink holder viewed from
underside with brass bails
screwed down in place

Drink holder finished and
installed on pedestal



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