Rehabilitation of
the Head Vanity


The head aboard Early Light was beginning to get a little dingy and showing her age. The laminate on the vanity counter top was ugly at best. The fixtures were very dated and in need of upgrading as the chrome plating was getting badly pitted.

Before Demolition


The first item purchased was a new Scandvik faucet with integrated shower head. I also purchased a liquid soap dispenser for shower gel to mount on the new vanity top. The original Whale spigot for the foot pump was cleaned up and retained for reuse.

A trip to a custom kitchen and bath cabinet shop proved fruitful in finding a laminate cut off for short money that was to my liking.

Now came the demolition phase of the project. First I removed the teak fiddle on the after edge of the vanity top and took it home for refinishing. Next I removed the sink basin and the old fixtures. With everything now cleared from the vanity I cut the new laminate to fit. I had to fill the hole from the old faucet/shower fixture with a plug cut from a scrap of 1/2 in. marine plywood. This was inserted using some thickened West System Epoxy and left to cure overnight.

After Demolition


Filler Block Installed

The following morning the original laminate top was sanded with 80 grit using my random orbit sander to provide some tooth for gluing the new laminate in place. I glued the new laminate to the old using non-flammable contact cement. A rolling pin was used to apply pressure to the laminate and work out any air bubbles. This was left to cure overnight with a heavy sandbag on top to apply pressure.

New Laminate Installed

Returning to the boat in the morning I cut the opening for the sink using a jig saw with a fine tooth blade. The holes for the faucet, the Whale spigot and the soap dispenser were cut using appropriate hole saws. This was followed by connecting the water supply lines to the appropriate fixtures and the drain hose to the sink drain seacock.

Fixtures Installed Awaiting Trim

Finally, the teak fiddle was installed, and the teak plugs were set using varnish. Once the varnish had set, they were cut flush with a sharp chisel, sanded smooth and the fiddle was given several more coats of varnish.

The last step was to install some 3/8 in. by 3/8 in. quarter round teak molding on the other 3 sides.

Below are a couple of photos of the completed project.

I decided that the black hand-held shower would look better than the white one with the laminate choice I made, so I exchanged the white for black

Completed Project


Completed Project

Material required:

Scandvik faucet/shower fixture (Defender) $139.99

Formica 30 in. x 30 in. (local cabinet shop) $ 15.00

Liquid soap Dispenser (Ace Hardware) $ 12.49

3/8 in. x 3/8 in. x 5 ft. teak quarter round (on hand) $ 0.00

3 each 3/8 in. teak plugs (on hand) $ 0.00

1 pint contact cement (Ace Hardware) $ 5.49

Total cost: $172.97


Tools required:

Jig saw with fine tooth blade

1-1/2 in. hole saw

1-1/8 in. hole saw

1 in. hole saw

Variable speed 3/8 in. drill and assorted bits

Dremel rotary tool


Screwdriver assortment

Small hard faced mallet

Rolling pin

Notched trowel

Assorted wrenches

Tape measure

Aluminum straight edge

Masking tape

This project took approximately 5 man hours not including varnish time.

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