Installation of Hull
Ceilings in Salon


Having installed hull ceilings in the v-berth area, I decided to use the satinwood remaining from that project to dress up the two bookshelves and the 4 cabinets (Liquer Locker, Wine Locker and the two forward most cabinets) in the main salon.

The areas were measured and furring strips were cut from Douglas fir in a similar manner to those in the v-berth. The vinyl covering on the hull surfaces was marked and cut away using a razor knife and the area then cleaned with solvents to remove any glue residue. The furring strips were attached using Liquid Nails construction adhesive and left to cure overnight.

Next the satinwood strips were cut to the appropriate lengths and the backs were numbered to make assembly easy. The strips were then given the requisite satin varnish finish. Once the varnish had dried the countersunk holes for #6 oval head screws were drilled.

The satinwood hull ceilings were then screwed to the furring strips and the job was complete.


Furring strips in place in wine locker on starboard side


Satinwood ceilings in place in wine locker on starboard side


Satinwood ceilings in place in liquer locker on port side


Liquer locker on port side completed


Satinwood ceilings in place in starboard shelf


Satinwood ceilings in place in port shelf

Material required:

2 each 8 ft. pcs. Douglas fir 1.5 in. x 3/8 in. for furring strips - from lumber yard ($4.80)

108 linear ft. of 1-5/8 in. x 1/4 in. satinwood - from friend (No cost)

1 each 10 oz. tube construction adhesive - Ace Hardware ($2.19)

100 ea. Stainless steel oval phillips head screws - Ace Hardware ($7.49)

Satin varnish - on hand (No cost)

Assorted sandpaper - on hand (No cost)

Total cost: $14.48

Tools required:

Miter box and back saw

#2 Phillips screwdriver

3/8 in. variable speed electric drill

#6 combination countersink bit

Tape measure

Varnish brush

This project took approximately 10 hours to complete (exclusive of varnish time)

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