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The following are some of the sailing related titles I have aboard Early Light for my reading pleasure.

"100 Fast and Easy Boat Improvements" Don Casey

"12 Volt Doctor's Practical Handbook" Edgar Beyn

"Americas Cup Fever" Bob Bavier

"Australia Wins the Americas Cup" Michael Levitt and Barbara Lloyd

"Battle of the Floods, The: Holland in February 1953" Netherlands Booksellers and Publishers for Flood relief victims

"Bay Country" Tom Horton

"Bermuda Triangle, The" Charles Berlitz

"Boatbuilding Manual" Robert Steward

"Boatbuilding and Repairing with Fiberglass" Melvin D.C. Willis

"Boat Data Book" Ian Nicolson

"Boatman's Handbook" Tom Bottomley

"Chance the Tide" Kenneth Mowbray

"Championship Dinghy Sailing" Christopher Caswell and David Ullman

"Chesapeake Bay" Abrams

"Chesapeake Bay, A field Guide" Christopher P. White

"Comfort in the Cruising Yacht" Ian Nicolson

"Complete Sailing Handbook, The" Roland Denk

"Crosscurrents in Quiet Waters" Dan White

"Cruising Guide to Coastal North Carolina" Claiborne Young

"Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast, A" Hank and Jan Taft

"Cruising Guide to the New England Coast, The" Duncan, Fenn, Fenn and Ware

"Dutton's Navigation and Piloting" G.D. Dunlap and H.H. Shufeldt

"Encyclopedia of Knots and Fancy Ropework" Raoul Graumont and John Hensel

"Encyclopedia of Sailing" Editors of Yacht Racing/Cruising

"Expert Dinghy and Keelboat Racing" Paul Elvstrom

"Fibreglass Boats" Hugo DuPlessis

"Fine Yacht Finishes for Wood and Fiberglass Boats" Paul and Marya Butler

"Finely Fitted Yacht, The" Ferenc Mate'

"Fundamentals of Sailboat Racing, The" Stephen Falk

"Handling the Racing Dinghy" Uwe Mares and Kurt Schubert

"Improve Your Own Boat" Ian Nicolson

"Last Waterman, The" Glen Lawson

"Marine Diesel Engines" Nigel Calder

"Marine Engines and Equipment" Robert F. Latham

"Modern Marlinspike Seamanship" William MacLean

"Muskrat" Douglas Hanks Jr.

"Newfoundland and Labrador" Ben Hansen

"Perfect Box, The: 39 Ways to Improve Your Boat's Ice Box" The Staff at Spa Creek Instruments

"Perfect Storm, The" Sebastian Junger

"Performance Advances in Small Boat Racing" Dr. Stuart Walker

"Piloting Seamanship and Small Boat Handling" Charles Chapman

"Portraits of the Chesapeake: Crosscurrents in Quiet Water" Dan White

"Practical Navigation for the Yachtsman" Frederick L. Devereux. Jr.

"Propeller Handbook" Dave Gerr

"Racing Edge, The" Ted Turner and Gary Jobson

"Sailing: A Sailor's Dictionary" Beard and Mc Kie

"Sailing Craft" Edwin Schoettle

"Sailing Smart: Winning Techniques, Tactics and Strategies" Buddy Melges and Charles Mason

"Sailing the Carolina Sounds James Cheatham

"Sailor's World, The" Arthur Beiser

"Sails" Jeremy Howard-Williams

"Sail's Things That Work" Sail Magazine

"Salty Piece of Land, A" Jimmy Buffett

"Sea Sense" Richard Henderson

"Sensible Cruising: The Thoreau Approach" Don Casey and Lew Hackler

"Shipshape: The Art of Sailboat Maintenance" Ferenc Mate'

"South by Southeast" Ray Ellis and Walter Cronkite

"Spurr's Boatbook: Upgrading the Cruising Sailboat" Daniel Spurr

"Tactics of Small Boat Racing, The" Dr. Stuart Walker

"Taking the Helm" Dawn Riley

"Techniques of Small Boat Racing, The" Dr. Stuart Walker

"They Sail to Win" Yachting Magazine

"This Old Boat" Don Casey

"Turning the Tide" Tom Horton and William Eichbaum

"Under Sail: The Dredgeboats of Delaware Bay" Donald Rolfs

"Upset: Australia Wins the America's Cup" Michael Levitt and Barbara Lloyd

"Way of a Yacht, The" Alam Hollingsworth

"Winning: The Psychology of Competition" Dr. Stuart Walker

"Yachtsman's Weather Manual, The" Jim McCollam

"Your Boat's Electrical System" Conrad Miller

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