New Lifelines


The time has come to replace the lifelines on Early Light. When I purchased Early Light, the forward stanchion for the starboard boarding gate had a slight bend in it. Prior to measuring for the new lifelines, I decided to replace the bent stanchion. Research revealed that Tops-In-Quality Inc. in Michigan was the original supplier to Sabre. I placed an order for a new stanchion as well as a bag of nylon grommets that the lower lifeline goes through on each stanchion

Once I received my order from Tops-In-Quality I removed the starboard lifelines and installed the new stanchion. With the new stanchion in place I now felt confident it taking accurate measurements to order the lifelines. I followed the directions on the measurement form and sent the form off to the riggers. The new lifelines are the same as the original equipment (3/16" uppers and 1/8" lowers), and include all new hardware (4 each Stainless pelican hooks, 4 each single swivel gate eyes, 4 each double swivel gate eyes and 8 each chrome plated bronze open style turnbuckles).

The order was placed with Rigging Only in Massachusetts late Wednesday afternoon and I received the lifelines via UPS Ground the following Monday. That is what I call GREAT service.

New Lifelines upon receipt from Rigging Only

Upon receipt of the new lifelines, I removed the old lifelines and all the old nylon grommets in the stanchions. The new grommets were snapped into the stanchions and the lifelines threaded through. Once the lifelines were adjusted to the proper tension, the turnbuckles were secured with cotter rings.

I am amazed at how much the new lifelines dressed up the boat, not to mention the added sense of security I now have knowing that the lifelines are now in good shape.

New Lifelines at Bow Pulpit


New Lifelines at Stern Pulpit


New Lifeline Gates on Starboard Side

This project took a total of 2.5 man hours to complete (including the measuring and replacing the bent stanchion).

Material required:

Stanchion ($48.25)

Pkg. of nylon grommets ($12.50)

Upper and lower lifelines Incl. all hardware, labor and shipping ($591.38)

Total cost: $652.13

Tools required:

25 ft. tape measure

Needle nose pliers

Open end wrenches

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