Upgrading Sail
Handling Hardware


The original mainsheet blocks as well as the blocks for the furling line as supplied by Sabre were made by Schaefer and the sheaves rode on bushings rather than ball bearings. This meant that there was a fair amount of friction associated with each block. In the case of the mainsheet this friction meant that easing the mainsheet in light air often involved manually pushing the boom out to leeward.

The furling blocks were shackled to the stanchion bases leaving the furling line on deck inboard of the stanchions where it was a constant tripping hazard. The new blocks would eliminate this problem by keeping the furling line outboard of the stanchions.

I replaced the mainsheet blocks with Stainless Steel Lite Blocks of a ball bearing design manufactured by Garhauer Marine. I used one #40-12SL (single block with becket and fixed shackle) on the aftermost boom bail, one #40-01SL (fiddle block with swivel shackle) on the traveler car, and a total of three #40-11SL (single block with fixed shackle) on the forward boom bail, as well as at the goosneck and also at the aluminum mast collar.


Material required:


1 ea. Garhauer #40-12SL (single block with becket and fixed shackle)

1 ea. Garhauer #40-01SL (fiddle block with swivel shackle)

3 ea. Garhauer #40-11SL (single block with fixed shackle)

3 ea. Schaefer #SCH506-44 (Ball Bearing Clear Step Outside Lead Furling Blocks)

Total cost: $281.36


Tools required:

Needle nose pliers

Set of allen wrenches


Single block with becket and
fixed shackle (1 Required)


Fiddle block with swivel
shackle (1 Required)

Single block with fixed
shackle (3 Required)

New mainsheet blocks on boom and traveler

New mainsheet blocks at
gooseneck and mast collar


I selected three Schaefer #SCH506-44 Ball Bearing Clear Step Outside Lead Furling Blocks that mount to the stanchions using an allen set screw. These were placed on the first 3 stanchions aft of the bow pulpit. I used the existing Harken pulpit mounted block as well as the Harken Little Hexaratchet block on the after boarding gate stanchion. This arrangement kept the deck clear of the furling line all the way from the boarding gate forward to the bow pulpit as well as providing minimal friction as a result of all the sheaves riding on ball bearing races.

Schaefer Clear Step ball
bearing block (3 Required)

Two of the new furling blocks may be seen
on the first 2 stanchions aft of the bow pulpit



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