Replacement of
House Bank Batteries


Faced with the fact that the House Bank Batteries (two Group 27 12 volt batteries in parallel) are beginning to lose capacity, I decided that this was a good time to make the switch to two 6 volt golf cart batteries in series. Having talked to many friends using golf cart batteries I selected Trojan brand T-105s. This would give me a house bank with a 225 Amp Hour rating.

The existing battery compartment only had space for two of these batteries. I shopped around and found prices ranging from $80 each with no core charge to $125 each PLUS a $10 core charge. I decided that a drive to a golf cart shop on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay was in order and purchased two of them for $160.

The batteries are shown in the photo below.

Two new 6 volt golf cart batteries

The old 12 volt batteries were removed and the new batteries were set in place. All necessary connections were made including shore power charger, Echo Charger and the Link 10 battery monitor. The three stage alternator regulator was adjusted for proper Acceptance and Float voltages and the system was then tested.

Hopefully this setup will prove to be trouble free.


Material required:

2 each Trojan T-105 batteries ($160.00)

1 ft. 2 gauge battery cable (on hand)

2 each battery cable lugs ($2.00

Total cost: $162.00

Tools required:

Heavy duty crimping tool


Wire cutters

This project took a total of approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

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