Early Light
gets a new
130% Genoa


I finally bit the bullet and decided to replace my much used and tired 130% Genoa. I figured that the fall boat show discount season was the time to make this purchase so I spent considerable time researching all the sailmaker's web sites and getting quotes. The quality sailmakers were all pretty close in price and I finally decided to go with Quantum sails as they have a local loft in my home port and the loft manager is more than willing to share his vast knowledge, discuss MY needs, type of sailing etc. as well as to come to the boat to get precise measurements. Once the sail is finished he will also deliver it to the boat and insure that everything is correct and go for a test sail. I was very pleased with the 15% fall discount and the additional 5% discount for payment in full when I placed the order.

I actually placed my order on October 14 with delivery scheduled for November 28. With such a late delivery, we will wait until spring to hoist it for the first time since Early Light will be on the hard when the sail is delivered.

Specs on the new genoa are as follows:

Luff = 43.2 ft. Leech = 41.5 ft. Foot = 19.2 ft. LP = 18.2 ft.

130% Crosscut Genoa

6.62 ounce Challenge High Aspect cloth (Dupont Type 52 fiber)

#6 luff tape for Harken #1 roller furler

Foam padded luff

Webbed head and tack

Webbed reinforcement on hydraulic pressed grommet at clew

Extra Large corner patches

White Weather Max sun shield

Spreader patches

Radar chafe patches

Leech line

Foot line

3 Tell tales on luff

Reef reduction marks on foot

2 Draft stripes (Blue)

Hull number = 160 (Blue)

Sail bag

Cost of sail with 20% discount applied $2464.00


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