Paints, Varnishes and
Other coatings


The following paints, varnishes and other
coatings are what I use to maintain Early Light.

Paint for the inside of all lockers: Pettit EasyPoxy, color “Bikini Blue” one part marine enamel

Bottom Paint: Interlux Micron Extra, color “Blue” #5690

Paint for Bilges: Interlux Bilgekote Gray

Exterior teak: Sikkens Cetol Natural Teak (Minimum 4 coats with a maintenance coat in fall prior to winter layup)

Interior teak: Large surfaces: 3 coats Interlux Goldspar Satin YMA100

Interior teak: Trim and moldings: 3 coats Interlux Schooner Gloss Varnish #96

Painting regimen for propeller, shaft and strut:
1. Sand to bright metal using coarse emery cloth
2. Wipe clean with denatured alcohol
3. Immediately apply one THIN coat of Interlux Viny-Lux Primewash primer thinned as per instructions on can.
4. Let dry minimum of 1 hour, maximum of 24 hours
5. Apply 3 coats of Interlux Interprotect 2000E following instructions for time between coats
6. Apply 2 coats of Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote



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