Projects to be completed on first ten day trip to Maine


Re-torque keel bolts (DONE)
Remove, wire brush, prime and repaint mast step (DONE)
Fair keel to hull seam and apply barrier coat (DONE)
Sand bottom and apply 2 fresh coats of Interlux CSC bottom paint (DONE)
Wax hull (DONE)
Take all seacocks apart, clean, inspect and lubricate with lithium grease (DONE)
Re-bed chainplates (DONE)
Repair port/stbd running light (DONE)
Replace stern light with spare onboard (DONE)
Purchase and install new Lifesling (DONE)
Pruchase and replace all fire extinguishers (DONE)
Purchase and install radar reflector (DONE)
Purchase and install Magma propane grill and rail mount kit (DONE)
Purchase and install sunbrella cover for Magma grill (DONE)
Change hail port on transom (DONE)
Purchase inflatable PFDs(DONE)

Yikes, I'm getting tired already!!!

Click HERE to view photos of a few of these projects





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