Projects to completed on second trip to Maine


Remove end plates on heat exchanger and insure all tubes are clear (DONE)
Purchase and install new fuel filters, oil filter, raw water impeller, zinc and alternator belt(DONE)
Purchase and install 2 new Group 27 Deep cycle batteries (DONE)
Purchase and install new 3 stage 3 bank battery charger (DONE)
Replace stuffing box, hose and hose clamps (Yard to do) (DONE)
Purchase and replace hose and clamps from sink drain in head to seacock (DONE)
Lubricate pedestal steering system (DONE)
Check all mast wiring and lights using battery and clip leads prior to stepping mast (DONE)
Clean and lubricate all standing rigging turnbuckles with Lanocote (DONE)
Purchase and install flag halyards on spreaders prior to stepping mast (DONE)
Wax mast and boom (DONE)
Install safety strap in front of galley stove (DONE)
Purchase and mount visual distress signal kit (DONE)
Provision for trip (DONE)
Top off fuel tank and extra 5 gallons (DONE)

Click HERE to view photos of a few of these projects





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